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Mobile Check Deposit is a service that allows you to submit a check to Boulevard FCU for a deposit via smartphone or tablet device. This is done by writing a physical check and then endorsing it. (Refer to FAQ: “Must the check be endorsed?”) In our app, you will then have to take clear pictures of the front and back of the check to be deposited, and then submit the image to Boulevard FCU via the device.

To enroll, you will need to be enrolled in Home Banking through a camera-enabled Apple iOS or Android decide. Mobile Check Deposit is not available via computer, and is only accessible through Apple iOS and Android devices. You will be required to acknowledge the Mobile Check Deposit Terms and Conditions of the User Agreement. Boulevard FCU reserves the right to suspend or terminate members’ access to the service at their discretion. (Refer to FAQ: “Do all members qualify for the service?”) 

Yes, Boulevard FCU reserves the right to remove or change the functionality at any time. Boulevard FCU will periodically review accounts enrolled in Mobile Check Deposit to ensure they are maintaining eligibility requirements and remove or change access as necessary.

All members are eligible for the service with the exception of Business Entities. Members must be enrolled in Online Banking in order to use Mobile Check Deposit. Member access to Mobile Check Deposit may be suspended or terminated at the discretion of Boulevard FCU for any of the following reasons:

  • Excessive overdraft activity on accounts
  • Multiple deposits of ineligible items
  • Evidence of fraud attempted through using Mobile Check Deposit or other Credit Union service
  • At the discretion of Boulevard FCU

Yes. In order to maintain prudent risk standards, limit and hold rules apply and are at the sole discretion of Boulevard FCU.

  • Daily dollar amount limit is $2,000.00 per business day for qualified users. (Can be adjusted at the discretion of Boulevard FCU)
  • Monthly dollar limit is $10,000.00 per month
  • Such limits will be reviewed and adjusted periodically at the Boulevard FCU’s discretion

No, this service is available to our members free of charge; however, Boulevard FCU reserves the right to change that at any time.

Yes, you must select the eligible account that you wish to deposit the check into.

No, not all checks/items are eligible to be deposited through the Mobile Check Deposit. Regarding the user agreement, the following items are not eligible for deposit:

  • Any item drawn on my account or my affiliated accounts
  • Any item that is stamped with a non-negotiable watermark
  • Any item that contains evidence of alteration to the information on the check
  • Any item issued by financial institution in a foreign currency
  • Any international checks 
  • Any incomplete items
  • Any item that is stale, dated or postdated
  • Saving bonds
  • Any third party check, i.e., any item that is made payable to another party and then endorsed to me by such party
  • Any individual retirement (IRA) checks
  • Any checks payable to an Estate
  • Any checks made payable to the Benefit of someone
  • Any 401k checks 
  • Any income tax checks

Yes. The check must be made payable to the account holder or joint account holder. 

Yes, the check must be endorsed in the following manner:

  • For Mobile Deposit Only at Boulevard FCU
  • Account #, Signature of payee and date

Yes, a clear image of both the front and back of the check must be taken and submitted. 

Yes, you will then have the option to take the picture again if the image is unclear. You will receive 3 tries to take a clear image. If after 3 tries the image is still unclear, then the item will be accepted and a 7-day hold will automatically be placed on the item.

The deposit can be made into a checking, savings or money market account. 

You will receive a confirmation message upon successful transmission. You can also view the history of all your deposits on the Mobile App or Online.

You can view the history of all deposits online. Once the item is reviewed, you will receive a confirmation email stating if your deposit was accepted or rejected. Rejected item emails will include the reason why the deposited item was rejected by the Credit Union. Deposited Mobile Checks should be retained for Fourteen (14) days following the day of deposit.

Funds generally will be available within 2 business days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays); However, once reviewed, extended holds may be placed on items at the sole discretion of Boulevard FCU.

This Mobile Deposit Capture Program has been made possible, in part by a grant from the New York Credit Union Foundation.