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A Home Equity Loan From Boulevard

When looking do something a little larger, a Home Equity Loan made easy with the Boulevard no fee Home Equity is just what you need.

  • Fast and easy, with only 3 easy steps, you could have a home equity loan with Boulevard FCU, just apply and we do the rest.
  • Multiple loan options to satisfy your specific needs
  • Work directly with an experienced Home Equity Officer to always be in the know.
  • Don’t want to pay closing costs? Don’t worry, we cover the costs of closing as long as the loan stays open for at least 3 years.
  • Pay your way, you can set up automatic payments, or pay with cash.

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Your mortgage should be as unique as the home you buy

Don’t need all the money up front, with a Boulevard Home Equity LOC, you can borrow only what you need when you need it. For the first 5 years of the loan, borrow up to your approved limit, and as you pay it off, you can take it right back out again. After the 5 years, this loan converts into a 15-year Term Loan.

Do you just want to have a fixed payment from the start? Then the Closed End Home Equity is just what you are looking for. Take your loan all at closing, and make the same payment until it is paid off. No worries of the payment changing based on how much you took out.

When all you need is 15,000 or less, the collateral loan loan is faster than the standard home equity loan. No appraisal is needed and you can get this loan in as little as two easy steps. Sometimes you want more than a personal loan can offer and this loan option is designed just for you.

*APR=Annual Percentage Rate.  Rate and eligible LTV may vary based on individual credit history and underwriting factors.  Boulevard FCU will pay all closing costs on Home Equity’s. Fixed and Adjustable-rate loan options are based on the prime rate published in the Wall Street Journal plus margin.  Property insurance is required on all Home Equity Loans.  An Early termination fee applies if the loan is paid prior to 3 years equal to the cost of closing.  Consult your tax advisor for details on the tax deductibility of interest. Interest rates and program terms are subject to change without notice.  Must be a Boulevard FCU member to qualify.

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Home Equity Loan Process

Complete and return our easy Home Equity Loan Application with the required documentation.

Schedule time with our home appraisal team once approved

Enjoy the convince of coming to our office to sign your Mortgage documents.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Loan Application, completely filled out and signed
  • ECOA / Fair Credit Disclosure
  • Initialed copies of the “Early Disclosure”
  • Initialed copies of the “what you should know about Home Equity Lines Disclosure”
  • Proof of Income – All that apply, most recent paystubs, bank statements, awards letter, child support, etc. If self-employed, last 2 years tax returns)
  • Properties Deed
  • Properties Survey
  • Proof of property insurance that includes the name of the insurance company and their phone number

No, we do not have any added fees when taking a home equity loan with the Boulevard FCU, additionally we will pay all the closing costs as long as the loan is not paid off within 3 years. We do however place a hold on the cost of the appraisal in your savings account until the home equity has been completed to cover the cost encase you decide to cancel the loan.

Yes, the Boulevard FCU will pull your credit when reviewing you for a loan. We pull the Experian FICO 2 credit report.

An open-ended loan is also known as a line of credit, it gives you a limit you are allowed to borrow up to and you can use that limit as you wish. You do not have to take the full loan at one time, meaning you only pay interest on what you need. Additionally, you can pay down the balance and then take the money back out when you need to use it.
A closed end loan is also known as a term loan. This is where you take a set amount at the start and have a specific period of time to pay the loan back.

You can borrow up to 80% of the value of your home when taking a Boulevard Home Equity Loan. This includes your first mortgage.

Yes, your first advance is required to be at least $7,500.00. Any Subsequent advances advances would need to be at least $1,000.00.

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